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Hypnotherapy - How it Works

Hypnotherapy has been proven to help solve a number of life problems such as self-confidence, stress, addictions, fears and phobias.

Hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic tool to help people make beneficial changes to their life. It is especially useful helping people to achieve greater levels of confidence and boosting their self-esteem.

When we are in our normal conscious state, we have a filter that is constantly questioning everything we do and say. During hypnosis, in our deeply relaxed state, the filter is switched off and it is during this stage that we can alter the negative views to positive suggestions locked deep in our sub-conscious mind.

Therefore, in order for hypnotherapy to take place, it is a requirement for the client to be deeply relaxed. A hypnotherapist will use a method of progressive muscle relaxation technique and talk gently and calmly to the client undergoing hypnosis. Once the client has reached this deeply relaxed state, the hypnotherapist can then execute a therapy session by introducing positive suggestions to the client.

From the client’s point of view, you probably won’t feel as though you are in a trance, but you will probably feel extremely relaxed physically and mentally.

Suggestive Therapy and Analytical Therapy

Suggestive Therapy is the common hypnosis treatment, allowing positive thoughts to be suggested into the subconscious mind, helping them achieve good things, build confidence or quit a bad habit.

The type of problems that suggestion therapy can assist with are weight-control, confidence-boosting, smoking cessation, nail biting, panic attacks, fear of heights.

Analytical Therapy is almost the opposite of Suggestive Therapy... something is brought out from the mind rather than put in. A lost memory, a moment in a persons past that may have been blocked out. This hypnosis method is sometimes used by the police to trigger the memory of a witness to a crime. It is also used to search the sub-conscious mind for a repressed memory, usually buried away because of a painful experience from the past.

Free 40 Minute Consultation

Please contact me to arrange your free 40 minute hypnotherapy consultation. During this informal meeting we can discuss what you want to achieve through hypnosis therapy. I can also determine how likely it is that hypnotic suggestion will be successful at this time. After the simple assessment I can then plan your path to reaching your goals.

All hypnosis sessions are by appointment only.

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Gain Confidence for Interviews & Speaking

A hypnosis session can improve your confidence for job interviews and public speaking.

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Take control of your weight with a specialist program of hypnotherapy sessions.

Free 40 Minute Consultation

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