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Pauline Eastoe (Dip Hyp)

Symptoms Treated with Hypnotherapy

Some of the issues I can help with

  • Weight disorders, over eating and achieving success with weight loss.
  • Phobias and fears.
  • Stopping smoking.
  • Fear of flying.
  • Nail biting.
  • Fear of needles.
  • Exam nerves.
  • Controlling nerves to pass your driving test.
  • Boosting confidence for public speaking and job interviews.
  • Dealing with anxiety and depression.
  • Building self esteem in life and business.
  • Sport therapy, improving mental attitude in sport.
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
  • Relaxing for child birth.


Free 40 minute consultation.
£30 - £40 per hypnosis session.
£75 smoking cessation.

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Stop Smoking Aids

Free 40 Minute Consultation

Please contact me to arrange your free 40 minute hypnotherapy consultation. During this informal meeting we can discuss what you want to achieve through hypnosis therapy. I can also determine how likely it is that hypnotic suggestion will be successful at this time. After the simple assessment I can then plan your path to reaching your goals.

All hypnosis sessions are by appointment only.

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Save money and improve your health without patches or gum... Stop now!

Gain Confidence for Interviews & Speaking

A hypnosis session can improve your confidence for job interviews and public speaking.

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Take control of your weight with a specialist program of hypnotherapy sessions.

Free 40 Minute Consultation

Call for your free hypnosis consultation.

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